Interior Designer classes

by Interiors By Design owner and professional designer 



Doing the Best with what you have!
1 hour $35

Make your home look like you hired a professional, only you did it yourself with what you already have!. Learn how to properly arrange furniture and pictures, and much more without purchasing anything new.

The Power of Color
1 hour $35

Every color evokes emotions and affects humans in different ways. Come learn the psychology to all the colors and how to use them properly for your desired end results in decorating and fashion.

Feng Shui your home
1 hour $35

 To Feng Shui your home is to have harmony and balance through the principles of nature. The rules are easy to follow once you know how. Learn to make each room of your home feel more comfortable and pleasing. Lots of suggestions on exactly what to go home and try

Feng Shui your office
1 hour $35

To Feng Shui your office is to make it not only have harmony and balance but to create more prosperity,
wealth, better relationships, etc. Your office is essential to the wealth you bring to your home. Learn to
make it work for you in every way! Step by step easy to follow directions and charts.

Designing your New Home
(New Construction step by step)
2.5 hr $150

This is a 2.5 hour course from the first decision to the last. Have all your decisions made and in the
right order for your builder. Learn how to make a “Master Plan” and keep your home construction on
budget and time. Most people have regrets when they build from scratch or re-model, the reasons why
will be revealed and you will have NO regrets by following my step by step instruction booklet.

Staging your home “for sale”
1.5 hour $55

Learn the tricks that only stagers and designers know that help sell a home. This is a great
course for realtors, decorators and home owners…whether you are selling your home now or NOT!!
This class is a mixture of “Doing the Best with what you Have” and “Feng Shui for you home”. It’s a
tough market, get out ahead of the others and sell quickly for the most money.

How to Properly LIGHT a Home
1.5 hours $55

I am actually going to teach you what has taken me years and many courses to learn, and send
you away with graphs, charts and the knowledge that most builders and electricians don’t know in
Southern Utah. And why? Because they are not Lighting Designers like me with years of classes,
CEU’s and experience lighting commercial buildings and residential homes. Let me share with you
how to do it right the first time!

The Tools of Decorating, my 5 week course 5 Th. 6:30-8:30 $195 (14+ hrs of instruction + bk)

I wrote my book over 31 yrs ago and have taught this course in several states. I have condensed a 4 yr
degree in Interior Design down to the NUTS AND BOLTS of decorating. Learn the PRINCIPLES AND
ELEMENTS of design. Learn all the rules and then how to break them successfully. Learn about window
coverings, floor coverings, wall coverings, furniture and picture arranging, color, lighting, fabrics and MORE!

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