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Interior Design is done BY people and FOR people. The basis for planning a home should always be the comfort, well-being and pleasure of those who will live in the home. But remember, every person varies in his or her needs and wants. What is perfect for one could be unworkable for another.

PRETTY is well and good, and usually part of the overall goals of a space. But what the most important objective should be for a space is to be efficient and well thought out in all areas….design, space, universal design, electrical, HVAC, lighting, flooring, plumbing, counter heights, materials used, etc.

I often say, “Almost anyone can make a space ‘pretty’ but it takes training and experience to make a space truly work for the inhabitants and to do it in such a way that everything was considered during the design process.”
Often people see a design, style or decor they connect with on some level and then assume that it would work for them…without thoroughly considering every aspect of their lifestyle and a true understanding of the style or colors they wish to copy; not knowing the ultimate consequences of those decisions.

This course will more than scratch the surface of all these issues. But design is a living breathing thing, always changing and evolving. I have been at it 39+ yrs and counting and taking continuous CEU’s all over the country for all these years and will continue to do so…and still I will NEVER know everything about design. So we can only start a good conversation in this text, but I will do my best to make sure you have all the basics and fundamental principles in order to take on a design project in a better position than you would ever be from passively watching a TV decorating show or reading numberless magazine articles.

I am going to break everything down to easy bite size principles and with lots of charts and examples so that anyone can follow my recipes for success and have an amazing finished project.

It’s important to understand that most rules in design can be broken, but like most other things in life, you can’t break the rules successfully unless you know the rules to begin with! So let’s look at all the areas of design and learn the rules. Remember, following the rules will almost guarantee success.

So let’s get started with some important questions to consider; whether decorating your own home or using the services of a professional designer the following factors must be considered:

Who will live in the home, in what manner, and for how long?
What are their psychological responses to people, space and color?
What are their aesthetic likes and dislikes?
What resources are available?

Consider all the needs of the entire family (See chart #001, Personal Profile, and the end of this chapter). All members of the family should have an opportunity to respond to the questionnaire.

Ages -How many people live or work in this space and what are their ages? This alone should have a huge impact on all choices made for the space.
Life Style – Yours is different from anyone else’s and must be considered. Is the home a stop off point, or family and neighborhood oriented?
Location, Climate and Orientation – Warm or Cold? Considering the window exposure, sun, breezes, and views will help you decide on window treatments, and other important decisions.
Light and Color are everywhere! Your color preferences and its effects are some of the most important issues to take into account. (I teach a whole other course on the Power of Color also because we can not cover all of it in this course)
Style: Taste, Character and Personality – Are you formal or informal, contemporary or traditional, eclectic or euro style. The Style + Type of furnishings create the distinctive flair and characteristic look of a space. And your Tastes = likes and dislikes of the occupants, can and should make a huge difference on the choices also made.

Let’s jump right in and begin with what all professionals (Professionally trained) know and wouldn’t think of starting a project until they have considered all the Principle and Elements of Design!


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